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The new field of application of rock wool

Author : Date : 2014/9/8 22:50:13
 The new field of application of rock wool

Asbestos is high carcinogenicity material, it is be forbidden in many countries. Now, there need a new material instead of it.. At the same time, rock wool is successfully developed, it is good news for the world. Its unique property is suitable for making brake pad, industry sealing gasket and fire retardant coating etc..

Brake pad

The braking system of car, truck, and major industries equipment (power station or wind driven generation) is very important safety device in our life. Rock wool is a new fiber for friction goods, it is multi-species, different fiber length and mat surface, apply to low and high burdened friction. It can be improved friction goods performance and saved cost.

Coating additive

Fiber is like net in coating, it is high powerful, durable and high efficient. These coating is including architectural ornament oil painting, industrial protective coatings, special usage material etc.. And the antiflaming coating is sued in construction,, ship-building industry.

Sealing gasket

Rock wool is specific draw ratio and high temperature resistance performance. It can be done different surface treatment, then the fiber is good affinity with water, binder or solvent, and good dispersibility. Also, it is good affinity in rubber solvent mixture, fiber content is 95%, and it is high pressure resistant and low creep, lusitropic. The high content of fiber can be ensured sealing good when the rubber is degradation, then pro-longing sealing gasket life-span.

Usage of sealing gasket: power plant, smelting plant and extreme pressure or temperature, exact demands of stability, heat-resisting and fire resistance industry.