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Elley New Material Co., Ltd

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Name: Mr. Veasen Guo
Tel: +86-020-29865465
Fax: +86-020-29865465
Mobile: +86-13650850058
E-mail: veasen@elleymaterial.com
Add: Yiqun, Huadu Zone, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
Skype: veasenguo
MSN: cncomposites@hotmail.com
QQ: 839389275
MSN: cncomposites@hotmail.com Skype: veasenguo QQ: 839389275

About Us

Elley New Material Co., Ltd is specialized in developing, manufacturing and supplying carbon fiber, glass fiber and other 
high performance fiber. It is grown up from a small beginning since 1998 to a national manufacturer, products are 
widely selling around the world. The productivity are 20 000 ton fiberglass, 20 ton carbon fiber and 20 ton specialty 
material each year. Now, the company has more than 139 staffs, and covers an area of 40 000 m2, including building 
35 000 m2. The factory has got the international quality management system certificate of ISO9001:2000. Main
products are carbon fiber fabric, fiberglass mat, fiberglass woven roving, fiberglass cloth, aramid fabric etc.. It is widely
used in aerospace, boat, auto, electronics, construction, industry etc.. Some special size product could be made on

Product Categories:

1.     Carbon fiber fabric, carbon fiber mixed fabric, carbon fiber mat, carbon fiber chopped strand, carbon fiber yarn,
carbon fiber powder;

2.     Aramid fabric, aramid fiber mesh, aramid fiber yarn;

3.     E-glass fiber fabric, e-glass woven roving, fiberglass mesh, fiberglass wallpaper, fiberglass axial fabric, e-glass
chopped strand mat, e-glass chopped strand, fiberglass roving;

4.     High strength fiber fabric, high strength fiber woven roving, high strength fiber woven roving, high strength
fiber roving;

5.     High elastic modulus glass fiber, hollow high strength glass fiber, low dielectric loss glass fiber, high silica fiber,
silica rubber cloth, basalt fiber fabric, ptfe high temperature resist fabric, ptfe tape;

6.     vacuum bagging film, sealant tape, infusion net, peel ply, release film, resin transfer tube, spiral tube, T-jiont;