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Building external wall insulation energy-saving technology advantage

Author : Date : 2014/8/21 0:28:05
Building external wall insulation energy-saving technology advantage

With the development of human beings and the improvement of people's living standards, the living house`s requirement is increasing, developing energy-saving type building become a trend in the future. While, in the same time, require of saving energy and protecting environment is also improved continually. Building structure`s thermal insulation technology is strengthened, especially used in external wall insulation, its market is widely.

Comparing with external wall interior thermal insulation, exterior insulation and finish system`s advantage is below:

1.     Increasing of service life of building and reducing maintenance fees;

2.     Saving building cost and adding house usable area;

3.     Good heat dissipation in junction of interiors & exteriors, pillar, doors and windows;

4.     Promoting in adjusting room temperature ;

5.     Easy to fit and modify.

Exterior insulation and finish system selection material: first choice fiberglass mesh

Fiberglass mesh, rock wool, fiberglass mat, polypropylene cystosepiment, roof sheet, polyurathane thermal insulation material, polyphenyl granule thermal insulation material, phenolic foam material;