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Products > Carbon fiber > > Carbon fiber chopped strand
Product name : Carbon fiber chopped strand
Item : 20144293254
MOQ : 100kg
Shipment : within 15 days after payment
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 Carbon fiber chopped strand

    It is 1-80mm, cutting from carbon fiber yarn. It is base material of function material modified that is used for carbon fiber FRP, friction material and other function material FRP.


1.      PAN chop, high performance, suitable for aerospace industry;

2.      no glue, good compatibility and dispersibility

3.      Low Ohms, good electrical conductivity and electromagnetic wave screening, high thermal conductivity

4.      It could increase product strength and modulus

5.      low coefficient thermal expansion, high stability

6.      high fatigue resistance, good abrasive resistance and lubricity

Application area

Space navigation and national defense: man-made satellite, airship, rocket, missile shell

Reinforcement modified plastic: PA,PP,PC,PF,PTFE,PI,EP etc.

Construction: concrete reinforce, frp bar, reinforce product, electrical conduction painting, anti-static terrace

Electric heating: electrical conduction paper, electric hot plate, electric conduction mat, needle mat, electric conduction blanket

Communications and transportation: racing bicycle, brake pad, live shaft, crossbeam, empennage, bonnet, leaf spring

Shield material: protective shield, smog, curtain

Industry: base installation, recovery gas oil, pressure vessel, composite stick, voyage construction member,

Heat insulation or preservation: reinforce body, brick, ceramics

Sport leisure: fishing rod, brassie, shaftment, bicycle stand, quant, sled

New energy: wind power, flywheel, electrode of fuel battery

Medical treatment: artificial ligament


Carbon content: 96%

Tensile strength: 3800MPa

Tensile modulus: 228GPa

density: 1.75g/cm3

Ohms ratio: 1.0-1.6Ωcm

diameter: 7μm

Section shape: round

Bulk density: 0.4g/cm3

Chop length: 1mm-80mm




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